Biking in Valencia

Biking in Valencia

Valencia is a great city to bicycle around for exercise, fun and transportation and is getting better every year.

The city is flat and the weather great.  The local government has been adding new bike lanes and dedicated cycle calles.

The river park runs 8 km from the Bioparc to the Aquarium.  With the bike trails it is a short ride from one end of the city to the other.

For transportation and convenience you can get a Valenbisi account for just 29,21€ a year.  But you must have a Spanish bank account.



Valenbisi is for transportation not touring or joy riding.  It is free the first 1/2 hour than the price goes up.

  • Annual Hire Card fee: 29,21€.
  • First ½ hour of use: free.
  • 30 to 60 minutes: 0,52 € every 30 extra minutes.
  • Every 60 extra minutes: 2,06 € for every 60 extra minutes.

For tourists who have a credit card with chip and pin  they can  get a weekly pass for 13,30 €.

If you plan on staying in Valencia for medium or long term and you have a place to store a bicycle  it is advisable to purchase a personal bike.

If you plan in leaving the bike outside at all it is best to purchase a used bike and 2 good locks.  There are many places to purchase well maintained used bikes.  If you find one online at a site like or  it is  advisable that you meet the person in their home and get a photo of their ID.  DO NOT purchase a bike otherwise as it could be a stolen bike.
Some shops we recommend are:
C/ Pere Bonfill 3
New and used bikes

La Bicicleteria
C/ Zapateros 8
665 94 73 62
Used and custom made

Mercado de Ruzafa,
Used bikes